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Whitepaper announcement

We are excited to announce the launch of our new whitepaper titled ‘6 million* and rising: can digital tackle the elective backlog?’

Authored by a range of experienced healthcare leaders and experts, including Professor Stephen Smith, Titus Burwell, Professor Mark Goodfield and Mark Emerton; this whitepaper explores how digital solutions can support the NHS and looks at recent examples of solutions implemented within the healthcare system.

The NHS has seen record numbers of people accessing services in recent years and has struggled to cope with the demand. As a result, waiting lists have risen dramatically and recovery of the elective backlog is currently a major focus for the NHS.

According to NHS England data, an enormous 6.36 million people in England were waiting for treatment in March 2022, of which 306,286 had been waiting for over 52 weeks. The latest NHS target is to completely eliminate waits over 78 weeks by March 2023. To achieve this, the NHS will need to explore new solutions to support its staff in meeting this target.

In July 2021, HBSUK launched a pilot at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT), with the aim of reducing their significant dermatology backlog. By triaging patients via their digital platform Virtual Lucy, HBSUK significantly reduced the Trust’s dermatology waiting list within just three months.

This is a tangible example of how digital solutions can transform services at speed, ultimately improving the outcomes and experience of patients, and supporting the Trust’s staff.

The whitepaper details how this was achieved and contains valuable information on:

  • How digital can support an integrated care system model.
  • How digital solutions can lead to environmental savings.
  • The results BHT had after implementing Virtual Lucy: including how HBSUK reduced the number of routine dermatology outpatient 1st appointments by 50%

To learn more about how digital solutions can tackle the elective backlog, download our whitepaper.

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