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Virtual Lucy – it’s all in the name

Back in 2018, women’s names for IT systems were popular, Alexa, Ada, Alice. We wanted an easy to remember, unambiguous name that related to what we do, connecting patients with healthcare professionals, we came up with the acronym LUCY, ‘Let Us Connect You’.

LUCY on its own didn’t tell you what it was and we wanted to associate with our digital world.  Reviewing remote, digital, virtual and other words, we favoured ‘Virtual’.  Simply putting together, our software platform was named ‘VIRTUAL LUCY’. 

With Lucy Cassidy, being involved during the early stages of our digital journey and Lucy Pittaway heading our Operations team, we always smile 😊 when asked if Virtual Lucy is named after anyone in particular…

Now you know the truth…

Your name doesn’t need to be Lucy to join us, but if it is, you’ll always raise eyebrows when talking about our digital platform. 

Mark Fountain 
Executive Chairman 


At HBSUK, our focus is on giving people choice in accessing the right care to meet their needs when it’s needed. Our digital first approach via our triage platform, Virtual Lucy™, ensures all cases are assessed by clinical specialists typically within 72 hours. Patients interact with us at their convenience and from where they want. For our NHS clients we have reduced waiting list backlogs by deploying clinical teams in less than 4 weeks The HBSUK Medical Board includes some of the country’s most senior clinicians, who oversee all services. We can provide long term support or be brought in to solve a specific issue, while improving pathways and leaving sustainable improvements.

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