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Virtual Lucy™

Your Online Virtual Triage Expert

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Virtual Lucy is our expert triage application designed to support patients through their assessment and treatment. 

Virtual Lucy combines our extensive clinical network with modern technology to ensure that patients get the best out of their journey to recovery. We design streamline patient-centric pathways that are evidence-based and effective. 

The patients journey starts with self-referral via our digital triage expert followed by an online appointment booking with the correct specialist from our network of over 400 clinicians. 

Patients then have an accelerated clinical assessment in less than 72 hours and can be sent for diagnostics, rehabilitation or surgical intervention, or a combination of the above. 

Virtual Lucy also provides an integrated rehabilitation app which allows for customised rehab plans that incorporate behaviour change coaching to maximise results. It includes an interactive chat function and pain score flag so the clinician and patient can keep track of progress.

The patient portal allows patients to review their notes and progress, and provides direct access to a clinician at the click of a button.

The VL Pathway successfully and safely brings first line treatment to patients within the comfort of their own home

Our team has experience of managing over 20,000 patients though our existing clinics

Cost savings to commissioners by harnessing digital efficiencies are likely to be 10-40% over traditional approaches

100% of patients have access to a multi-disciplinary team if needed

100% of patients see the right person, at the right time, for a diagnosis or rehabilitation

Provides 120 standardised, evidence-based protocols

On average, a 57% reduction of patients attending outpatient clinics