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International recruitment pathway – process, best practices and cost savings

Did you know that you could save up to £50,000 per year from 1 nurse from nurse agency fees by utilising the international recruitment pathway?

What is international recruitment?

At its core, international recruitment involves hiring someone from overseas to work at your organisation. However, it is much bigger than just ‘hiring’.

As per the NHS Long Term Plan,

“International recruitment will be a vital component of support for ongoing management of COVID-19 in areas across England, for other service pressures, and recovery for the NHS from the pandemic.”

We are asking an individual to relocate from one country to another. In most cases, it is individuals with families (partners, children, and parents).

At HBSUK we take a holistic and ethical approach to international recruitment. This means sitting down with all relevant stakeholders in the decision to relocate to ensure that the goal of the client and the individual being recruited are aligned.
We have created bespoke processes to make recruitment cost-effective and efficient at the same time. This means we can offer end-to-end support for our clients and our candidates. Which has consequently led to greater retention levels post-arrival from all our candidates.
Although from the outset international recruitment might sound like a lengthy process, this is far from the truth! The support from the UK Government and the relevant professional bodies such as the NMC has made the process very efficient and timely.

At HBSUK we have been able to supply nearly 1000 nurses over a 3-year period, thanks to the support from Health Education England and others.

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