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HBS Virtual Lucy – our cutting-edge Digital Triage Solution is launching

Virtual Lucy puts patients at the centre, provide patients with the best possible care, in the best possible timeframes, using the best possible technology.

The Virtual Lucy Solution

Virtual Lucy is our own innovative, full service digital health provider, which compresses all of the services taken in the path from the patient issue to the best possible outcome, all in the form of an application – compatible for desktop, IOS and Android.

​Using a brief series of questions, Virtual Lucy provides an easy-to-use MSK triage system, which gives patients quick and successful diagnosis’, referrals and expert assessments.

​Patients can also virtually book their own appointment slots, in which they are given the options to choose the clinician they contact, as well as the appointment date and time. This is all done via the Virtual Lucy app where patients can do all this from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Lucy Specs

  • Offers a digital pathway
  • Control over when and what
  • Access to all health records data online
  • Access to specialist consultants immediately
  • Capability for rapid imaging
  • Almost immediate red flag referral system
  • Accessed through a web portal or app
  • Digital triage questions
  • Phone or video appointments with specialists
  • Creates fully comprehensive data

Faster, More Accessible, More Effective

  • Saves up to 6 months compared to the NHS/Public Health model
  • Saves 2-3 weeks compared to “normal” Private Medical Insurance pathways
  • >33% cheaper than total NHS pathway costs
  • >21% cheaper than total PMI pathway costs
  • It allocates only those patients who need help to specialist clinicians directly
  • Through its technology-driven virtual processes it avoids the risks and delays associated with unnecessary F2F consultations

Virtual Lucy refers the right patients to the right clinicians, while it dramatically reduces pathway costs and delays.

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