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Insourcing of clinical services at Swansea Bay UHB - cataract theatre and clinics

4 weeks

Mobilisation Time


Additional Patients Treated


Clinical Specialities


Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB) had
identified a significant number of long waiters (52+
weeks) on the Cataract waiting list as part of their
Covid Recovery Plan following the Pandemic and the
impact Covid had on delays for treatment with reduced
theatre capacity and continuing pressures on the Health

  • Reduced theatre capacity 
  • Significant patient backlog 
  • Staff shortages
  • Innovative insourcing model
  • Mobilisation in 4 weeks
  • Utilisation of Trust’s existing facilities
  • Hybrid teams of local and external staff
  • Highest standards of governance

SBUHB approached HBSUK to identify an insourcing
solution to reduce their waiting list. SBUHB had a
considerable backlog of patients from across the Health
Board with some of the longest waiters included.
Given the duration some patients had been on the
waiting list and the potential deterioration of a patient’s
cataract and change in patient’s health, HBSUK
proposed a one-stop Pre-Assessment clinic with
consultant review, nurse-led pre-assessment and upto-date Biometry completed by a technician. Followed
by surgery 1-2 weeks later.
HBSUK would achieve this by using hybrid teams of local
and external staff to ensure governance processes were
upheld to the highest standard.
HBSUK proposed to utilise the Trust’s existing facilities at
the Day Surgical Unit of Singleton Hospital during outof-hours times, mainly weekends, to increase capacity
and the number of patients seen.
The project was mobilised in 4 weeks and consisted of
One-stop Pre-Assessment Clinics every other weekend
and Theatre lists on the alternative Sundays.


Following the incredible impact of the insourcing services on SBUHB’s Cataract waiting times, HBSUK have
agreed and provided insourcing services for other specialties at SBUHB – Orthopaedics & Breasts.

Of patients surveyed:

  • 100% would recommend HBSUK to others
  • 100% felt their thoughts and concerns were listened to
  • 95% rated the promptness & efficiency of their appointment as excellent
  • 100% felt as though their privacy and dignity was respected
  • 99% advised the staff they interacted with were excellent
We have been working with HBSUK for just over 10 months. The initial focus was on orthopaedics with weekly lists for hip and knees replacements and hand procedures. During this time they have facilitated the treatment of over 500 patients requiring hand procedures. Since March 22 they have also been undertaking cataract procedures with over 400 patients treated, which has had a major impact on reducing the backlog of patients that had developed during the pandemic.
Craige Wilson
Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Swansea Bay University Health Board