Case Study - Bradford Teaching Hospital Fast Track Dermatology Clinic

4 weeks

Mobilisation Time


Additional Patients Treated


Complaints Raised


At the end of 2021, Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust (BTHFT) had an extensive backlog of patients waiting to be seen in their (2WW) Dermatology Clinics. Due to the nature of these appointments, it was crucial that they found a solution immediately. Like many Trusts throughout the UK, one significant element they were facing was the limited number of consultants available to them due to the national shortfall and increased demand.

  • Extensive patient backlog
  • Shortage of specialist consultants
  • Increased demand post Cv-19 pandemic
  • Quick mobilisation
  • Innovative insourcing solution
  • Consultant-led service
  • Within the Trust’s existing facilities
  • A combination of local and external teams

HBSUK proposed a solution in January 2022 to reduce the ever-growing waiting list by providing an innovative insourcing solution. HSBUK proposed a consultant-led service, using a combination of local and external teams(our ‘home and away’ approach). HBSUK proposed to utilise the Trust’s existing facilities during downtime at the weekend. The solution was aimed to increase capacity, and reduce the backlog of patients and at the same time, help BTHFT by using HBSUK’s national experience to benchmark clinic and treatment efficiencies.

The project was mobilised in 4 weeks and HBSUK worked very closely with the operational team, clinical lead, and staff at BTHFT, to ensure that their governance processes are being followed to the highest standard.


Since the project was mobilised in February 2022, the team have seen more than 2000 additional patients, which has significantly reduced the waiting list. HBSUK is continuing to provide support through 2WW clinics to keep the waiting list numbers down, as well as looking into the possibilities of supporting with other specialties/services.

As always, HBSUK has developed a positive relationship with all the staff involved and have managed to support each other effectively to achieve the ultimate goal of getting the patients the care they need.