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Use our established supply chains for International Nurse Recruitment

What we do
  • Provide Nursing HUBS in India to deliver ‘finished nurses’ to UK Trusts as directed by Health Education England (HEE)

  • With an estimated 45,000+ nursing gaps in the UK, our supply-chains are currently ramping up to deliver 100+ nurses per calendar month

  • We don’t make hollow promises, we deliver results

  • Our ‘Finished Nurses’ have already passed IELTS/OET and CBT and can also be prepared for OSCE if required

  • Our fast-track recruitment time-line is shown below

Our fast-track recruitment timeline


  • We recruit nurses for HEE on a pan-UK basis

  • HEE will influence where our nurses are directed (Trusts with the greatest need)

  • Nurses given standard Nurse Package no matter where located (see GSS Nurse Package)

  • Trusts can approach us directly and if HEE say ‘ok’, we will direct nurses

  • All of our nurses are ‘finished’ in-country, which means have passed English language testing (IELTS/OET) and CBT

  • Once the nurse is interviewed and a Certificate of Sponsorship is offered, we do in-country specific orientation training

  • We can provide in-country OSCE preparation training on request


UK Agencies

There are normally 3 companies between you and the source of qualified nurses from outside of the UK.

Such arrangements are often hazard and they adversely affect the recruitment process and create increased costs.

HBS Model

No companies between you and the source of qualified nurses from abroad.

This results in reduced costs per nurse and substantially improves the quality of recruitments process.

*We do not provide agency nurses or locum doctors

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