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Making Healthcare Better

Pathway Redesign & Data Validation

Giving a Presentation

HBSUK offer a winning formula in the form of pathway re-design. Through the use of patient flow modelling, as well as pathway redesign and reconstruction, the potential solutions HBSUK provide trusts can emphatically enhance both efficiency and productivity within your trust

A Pathway to Success

Our pathway redesign models vary from trust to trust and are specific to the requirements of each: a personal approach

Through significantly improving efficiency and productivity within your trust, HBSUK provide margin analysis, project management, maturity assessment, as well as effective cost reductions and any further recommendations: setting the benchmark as high as possible

Efficiency at the Forefront

HBSUK do not only provide solutions in pathway redesigns in the form of MSK and other surgical excellence solutions. HBSUK offer a plethora of solutions involved in any area of the intricate, high-level healthcare pathways. 


Our innovative and dynamic pathway redesigns involve all aspects of healthcare, including the people, facilities and technologies, the high surgical quality and the processes themselves

HBSUK offer pathway reconstruction in every aspect of healthcare, which all simply aim for the significant improvement in efficiency within your trust, in any way

We focus on everything

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Using our extensive medical network and reach; our lean knowledge, experience and fundamental NHS relationships with trusts and arm-length bodies, HBSUK are experts in:


Simplifying patient flow


Designing solutions to follow optimal patient flow​


Creating Lean / Six Sigma Solutions​

Productivity Up
Costs Down

HBSUK strive to be the best with regards to productivity and efficiency, with the steps in pathways to reach a certain goal being shortened, as well as the length in time t reach these goals

Shown by this sample MSK pathway redesign, costs, time taken and steps taken are all reduced significantly in using a HBSUK-created pathway in comparison to a traditional MSK pathway

This is just one of the variety of solutions HBSUK can provide within the aspects of the high-level healthcare pathways