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NHS Insourcing services


Integrated Solutions for NHS

HBSUK work alongside trusts to provide cost-effective insourcing solutions through a full range of services. At HBSUK we provide capacity solutions, resourcing, triage services, pathway redesigns, private market opportunities, as well as portfolio management and consultancy services

Through our insourcing solutions, HBSUK deliver surgical treatment services all the way from the patient entering the hospital, to leaving - post-surgery.  This extends to day-case and in-patient surgery and clinics: End-to-End Solutions (E2E)
Although HBSUK covers all surgical specialties, we are experts in MSK (Musculoskeletal), Ophthalmology and Dermatology services

We use our very own innovative pathway designs in order to find the best possible solutions that will have the highest productivity and efficiency levels for you 

On the majority of Recognised
NHS Insourcing Frameworks

Working With HBS​​UK

  • Leading insource provider to NHS Trusts

  • Meeting RTT targets at below-tariff rates

  • All specialties catered for

  • Internal, External or Mixed teams

  • Clinical coding experts

  • Full or Partial Pathway (Outpatients, Diagnostics, Surgery, Ward, Admin)

  • Patients managed in chronological sequence

  • Complex patients possible (ASA3)

  • Project management of Insourcing/Outsourcing 


Previous Experience

  • Delivered more than 3000 operating days

  • Completed 50,000+ operations, 100,000+ outpatient appointments​

  • Created tens of millions of pounds margin for NHS Trusts

  • Developed high-volume pathway for cataracts (25 operations in 5 hours)​

  • Ramped from 0 to 6 Ortho Operating sessions in 2 weeks for 1 Trust

hbsuk nhs experience

Activity by internal or external teams (Consultants, Nurses, Support Workers, Admin) 

Clinics or surgery delivered at your facility

100% of clinicians with NHS substantive posts 

4 weeks to mobilisation by dedicated expert team 

Insourcing with HBSUK

45,000 operations and 100,000 outpatient appointments completed  

On or off framework agreements, 100% IR35 compliant 

Specialists in T&O, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Breast Services 

Nothing too small or too large – we are happy to take over the running of entire services