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Providing End-to-End Solutions

From community physiotherapy to running all elective Orthopaedic services in an NHS Trust, HBSUK provide unique pathway re-designs in MSK triage for any capacity.

HBSUK provide fully integrated MSK services to the Private Medical Insured Market, incorporating digital triage, referral management centre, diagnostics network, physiotherapy (digital and face-to-face), surgical interventions, outcome management and analysis, as well as an innovative patient portal that can be used with ease.

HBSUK is the only provider providing an end-to-end; fully integrated MSK services to the Private Medical Insured Market.


Online Supported Self-Management

This provides the patient with: 

  • A general information sheet e.g. Acute ankle injury 

  • A standard 2-week exercise program (video’s and/or information leaflets). The patient chooses their appropriate functional level for the program 

  • An instant chat function to HBS clinical team 

  • Escalation to Face-to-Face (F2F) if necessary


The patient can choose from a video / voice / F2F appointment and automatically book online, with the patient being provided with a choice of days and times convenient to them. They are shown availability for each option; the system uses geo-mapping for the closest F2F appointments.  


Outcomes from the triage appointment are: 

  • Online supported self-management 

  • A course of Physiotherapy  

  • Onward referral to MDT 

  • +/- Referral to appropriate local authority services 

Multidisciplinary Team

This is a team made up of Advanced Practice SpecialistsGP's and Orthopaedic Consultants.  Additions can be added e.g. Podiatrists, Osteopaths or SEM consultants. Patients book online for video / voice / F2F appointments. 

Outcomes from triage are:

  • Diagnostics & review

  • Secondary care referral to any agreed provider

  • A course of Physiotherapy – via an instantly booked first appointment. 

A Remote MSK Service

HBSUK is the UK’s first truly digital vertically integrated health care provider, providing both MSK and other service pathways in the NHS and private sector.

Our digital health ecosystem Virtual Lucy™ is designed to seamlessly manage the whole MSK patient pathway, from referral to rehab; with emphasis on making sure patients are empowered to access the right care, in the right place, at the right timefirst time; without any delays in their treatment.

Virtual Lucy platform images