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Opportunity to refer to UK-wide Groups as opposed to individual Consultants

Virtual Lucy

As an innovative digital healthcare platform for Virtual Triage, Virtual Lucy is an end-to-end cloud-based solution for supporting Virtual Clinics, from referral to rehab

Assessment & Management
of all your members

Using Virtual Lucy TM and our extensive Consultant Network, we can take over the assessment and management of all your members.

One Provider, Multiple Solutions

HBSUK offer and provide numerous healthcare-based solutions to a variety of clientele. Whether it be patients, clinicians or corporate businesses, we are always innovative


As triage Professionals, HBSUK consistently provide tomorrow’s solutions, today - whatever it may be; whenever it may be; wherever it may be. 

Assessment and Management of All Your Members



  • You can use our platform under license


  • Use of our platform

  • Access to all of our content on clinical pathways, fact sheets and triage questions


  • Use of our platform

  • Access to all of our content on clinical pathways, fact sheets and triage questions

  • Provision of all of the resources (Allied Health Professionals, Consultants, HBSUK Contact Centre) to Manage your Members




Virtual Lucy is our expert rehab application designed for patients. Using friendly Apple technology, Lucy provides information to explain the patient’s injury in detail, as well as providing rehab information via desktop, IOS or Android apps.​


Virtual Lucy is HBSUK's pathway re-design for Virtual clinics; harnessing the expertise of our Orthopaedic Consultants and blending with our ESP and Physio knowledge. 


The VL Pathway successfully and safely brings first line treatment to patients within the comfort of their own home

Our team has experience of managing over 20,000 patients though our existing clinics

Cost savings to commissioners by harnessing digital efficiencies are likely to be 10-40% over traditional approaches

100% of patients have a consultant making decisions on diagnosis and rehabilitation

100% of patients see the right person, at the right time, for a diagnosis or rehabilitation

Provides 100 standardised, evidence-based protocols for adults and children

On average, a 57% reduction of patients attending outpatient clinics 

Hotline Consultant

User Experiences



Our profits, visibility, control, integrity and presence have increased exponentially

Ortho Health LLP


HBSUK are very professional; could answer all our questions and were able to set-up our LLP inside 2 weeks of our first meeting

YOA Chairman

Ajit Shetty

The lists are now by far the most efficient in the Trust!