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PMI Referral Network

Your Specialist Group can join our Private Medical Insured Referral Network

Triage Network

Join our team of specialists offering a plethora of triage solutions through MSK, Ophthalmology and Dermatology. 

All Triage solutions benefit from free access to Virtual Lucy™

Managed Service Group

HBSUK offer a full range of business support and advice, We aid in the set-up, management and development of your business using our unrivalled expertise in group practice

One Provider, Multiple Solutions

We offer our Consultant Groups an abundance of services on a pick 'n' mix basis

ranging from Governance and Company Set-up, to entire Managed Services,

Property Acquisition and Marketing

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CQC Certifications

Six Sigma Approaches

Indemnity Provision

Marketing & Knowledge Acquisition




Groups (LC/LLP)

NHS and Private Contracts


Complete set-up & management


Shareholders/Partnership Agreement


Company Secretariat



Property Services



Landlord/Leasing Agreements

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Triage Network &

Virtual Lucy

Join our unique multi disciplined team of experts offering a variety of triage solutions through MSK, Ophthalmology and Dermatology. 

All Triage solutions benefit from free access to Virtual Lucy™

Virtual Lucy is HBSUK's pathway re-design for Virtual clinics; harnessing the expertise of our Orthopaedic Consultants and blending with our ESP and Physio knowledge. 

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User Experiences



Our profits, visibility, control, integrity and presence have increased exponentially

Ortho Health LLP


HBSUK are very professional; could answer all our questions and were able to set-up our LLP inside 2 weeks of our first meeting

YOA Chairman

Ajit Shetty

The lists are now by far the most efficient in the Trust!