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At HBS, we offer our Groups an abundance of services on a "pick n mix" basis to deliver medical services for NHS Trusts, Commissioners and Private Providers alike 

HBS provide a 'one stop shop' for all your needs, with our services ranging from Governance and Company set-up, to entire Managed Services, property acquisition and marketing

We work in conjunction with Trusts, Commissioners and Private Medical Insurers to deliver best-in-class, innovative solutions that deliver benefits for all; including at the centre - the patients themselves 

Consultant Services





CQC Certifications

Six Sigma Approaches

Indemnity Provision

Marketing and Knowledge Acquisition




Groups (LC/LLP)

NHS and Private Contracts


Complete set-up and management


Shareholders/Partnership Agreement


Company Secretariat



Property Services



Landlord/Leasing Agreements

Want to Know More?

  • No conflicts of interest

  • National Medical Committee

  • A 'Hub' of choice for Consultants

  • PMI providers desire to work with groups, not indiviudals

  • Real-time visibility and reporting

  • Support for life

  • Best value services

  • National Coverage

  • No fuss, no compromises

Watch this short video to learn more about our innovative consultant services 

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